This is the official LionBricks website, so if your looking for something LionBricks, you found it.

Hi, I'm LionBricks. I'm a LEGO YouTube content creator. I first started making videos in May of 2015, ever since I've been trying to make weekly content showcasing my MOCs and city for everyone to enjoy. All of my video are unscripted and over the years I've improved both my editing techniques and software, I now use Premiere Pro to edit all my videos. I'm always trying to improve my content whether that may be getting better camera equipment, improving my film set or building just what you want!

My first youtube videos were filmed on an iPhone 4 and iPad 2! I then upgraded to an iPhone 7, Canon 80D, and now I'm using a Sony a7riii. To see how I film my videos with a white background check out my room tour on YouTube.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and follow me on social media to keep up to date on what I'm working on. You can also keep up to date right here, I post all the exiting things I do on my Blog.

I've started rebuilding my LEGO city, as I frequently do, as of April 2020. I frequently make videos to update you on its progress and show you how I build it so don't miss them on my YouTube channel! This city is unique to all of its predecessors because it is planned to be fully custom, its slightly smaller allowing for 360 access which will allow me to make it look good from all angles, it features brick-built roads which both go at complex angles and different elevations, and it features and underground section almost around the entire city which allows for awesome features such as an underground train station, basements and so much more!