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2019 - This is when I had pretty much completed the city. I added in two more high rises and multiple

more modular MOCs. The foundation of the ferris wheel had been improved and I finally added a monorail station. I skipped the 2018 modular building because I didn't like it that much but the 2019 one was perfect and it fit in to the layout nicely, finishing the back of the city.

2018 - The first skyscraper had been completed and a new one was on the way. I'm now focusing a lot of my attention on modular MOCs. This city is more detailed now and I added in my palm trees which I  had wanted all the way back in 2016. The train station was a great achievement. I never liked the police station shown in this layout so it was quite short lived.


2018This is my current layout, looking quite empty at this early stage but much nicer! The beach is great, and actually the size of my original city! The first ever skyscraper is under construction and even though you can't see them more modulars have been added along with a handful of MOCs.

2017 - I'm much more part of the Lego community now shown by all the sig figs. This city was really great, I tried to create a street feel with my new modular MOCs including the Parisian Restaurant  and Detectives Office. I have a ferris wheel and even ballast train tracks. But every time I think of this layout I see it as a failure since it was so short lived. Nevertheless it is a good layout. Sorry for the bad angle if you want to get a closer look it is in my city update #23. After this I changed the layout again!


2016 - This was the single largest expansion I've ever made to my city. Two years earlier the city was a third of what out is now. So much to say... New police station, Palace Cinema, Pet Shop, bike and surf shop, trains, houses, train station, mountain, planes, harbour and even my dream come true - the monorail! This is also when I started my YouTube channel!

2015 - This shows a different angle of the same city as the last image. Many buildings from the previous city are in here but what is interesting is the bulldozer clearing land to build more stuff. None of the side walks are paved yet but at the front I did try and start by copying the grand emporium. I've also got a little funky looking building at the back.

2015 -  Massive changes take place as I head into my loft/attic. The city literally doubled in size and I got my dream modular the Grand Emporium. The yellow and blue building is my first Ikea and I've started building my mini houses on the right. That red house stuck around for a long time before it was rebuilt into my post office.

2014 - Hooray! We finally have a proper modular city but I'm still using my classic no back building design. The bank 2.0 is proudly sitting amongst the other modulars. On the far right I have two buildings based off of the Pet shop. There is my first skate park, gas station, construction site and even police station. This city really did have it all.

2014 - This city has the same road layout but the buildings are different. They are much larger and are the classic no back building design I used for a long time. You can see my first ever proper tree and my dreams of having a monorail. I used my brand new passenger train which I used up until the start of 2019! You can also notice my modular bank 1.0 which changed over time.

2013 - This shows the start of a brand new city. The buildings are starting to look a lot more modular. Following the destruction of my Death Star I now had parts to brick build a road. You can also see how the atmosphere of the layout feels more like a city now with things like lights, bins and traffic lights. There isn't very much in this layout since its new.

2012 - The police station had been sacrificed, which looking back at it probably wasn't a good move. My hopes of a modular did disappear once I discovered the price. The buildings have improved, the yellow one was a shop, the black one was a pub and I think the brown one was a little restaurant. I also added in a tyre dump at the back and a cave on the right?

2012 - This is when I discovered the wonderful world of modulars! As you can see in the middle of the layout I've left a space for the grand emporium which I wanted to buy for what felt like forever. That is also when I realised building things in the same colour, like the modular buildings,  looked way better. So as you can see the buildings are one colour each, however, none of them got finished.


2011 - So much for the base plates... I created a mini layout with my old table designed to look like Lego Universe surprisingly.

Otherwise the layout didn't change much however I did gather all my bricks together to create a row of houses along the right side, still multicoloured. Dangling on the right, under the layout, is a lego lanyard I made as part of my 'Lego Club' for friends.


2011 - Now my my building techniques have improved shown by the dramatic transformation of the house in the centre of the layout. Many buildings around the layout have been polished but what really stands out is the brand new police station. With the edition of a couple new base plates the layout size it pretty much determined for up coming cities.


2011 - The layout is now much larger. It features more buildings such as houses, shops and my first ever police station. The roads were marked with tiles and I even built a playground at the front. I don't actually remember building the structure on the right which is strange because I have vivd memories of almost everything I built in these early 'cities'.


2010 - The second city was now built upon multiple base plates as it slowly began expanding. The hotel from the previous city was repurposed into a regular house and the large building in the centre is actually a super market. Most of the vehicles including the grey platform are from a racing set. The construction on the right is from the construction site crane set as well.


2010 - My first city was more of a town but at least it had a 'custom' hotel called the 'Sunshine Resort' which even came with a large pool below. The bank on the left, guarded by a storm trooper was practical since it held studs. I used them as a currency back when I actually played with my Lego. There are no base plates yet so the buildings are built upon plates.

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